Do You Want To Be A Girl Vampire For Halloween?

Vampiress, Countess, Vampirella, Mrs. Dracula…whatever you call yourself you are the girl vampire and with the right costume you can be cute if you’re a young girl and sexy if you’re a woman. And of course you can be very scary too if you prefer.

For a long long while, girl vampires were not very popular. Only until recently has the female vampiress really start to take on a persona all her own. In the comic book world vampires have made huge strides, especially for girls. Portrayed as sexy, sultry, and very ominous creatures of the night.

Vampira AdultWhen it comes to dressing up like a vampire, girls have huge selection’s nowadays. The make-up for vampire costumes is just simply amazing. One can really pull off a cinema status today and even the fangs they make are so real, it’s hard to tell the difference if they’re not your real teeth.

Let’s take a look at just few of the many, many possibilities for female vampire outfits. Let’s take a look at what’s new for this year in adult female vampire costumes. For 2010, the newest addition is the Moonlight Bite costume that features a satin reversible cape. A waist corset with sexy adjustable lace-up front and get this, vampire teeth are part of the ensemble! What wild is the red fiber optic lights in the organza skirt that you can turn on or Moonlight Biteoff whenever you want. Awesome, fun, sexy and easily will be a huge hit! Be sure to add the right kind of stockings, shoes and of course gloves for a finishing touch.

Another hot new outfit for 2010 is the Vampira Adult Costume. This is a floor length dress featuring a red halter top, lace trim and an adjustable black corset.  Black are drapes added to the vampire attire with clear arm straps to give it a very mysterious appeal.  Add the right shoes and you’re ready for a wild night.

Twilight Bite Teen


New in the teenage girl vampire category is the Twilight Bite Teen costume.  What an amazing outfit for the teenage vampire fan this year.  Simply beautiful and sassy all at the same time.  What teenager doesn’t want to portray a bit of sass when she is hanging out with her friends this Halloween?  The choker helps and included are fangs!  The stand up collar and sate cape tie-in with adjustable straps and a belt with chain details.  Wow, in my opinion it’s gonna be a teenage hit!

For the little ones this year, one of the newer outfits is called the Vampira Child Costume.  It’s sweet…in an “undead” sorta way.  A Victorian style dress that includes a choker for a bit of sass.  Tattered sleeves and hem give it a unique look all it’s own.  She’ll love it, evBlack Child Robeen after Trick or Treat is all done.  Sizes are (Sm-6, Med-8, Lg-10, and X-Lg-12).

If you want to keep things super simple for the child this year, then you must consider the inexpensive new for 2010Black Child Robe.  Just get some fangs and maybe a little make-up and she can be any kind of vampire she can imagine herself to be.   Comes is sizes 7/8 and 10/12.

So many more girl vampire costumes to choose from, and many more are new this year.  Take your time, check out all the outfits and accessories too.  And make sure no matter what that you have a safe Halloween…Cheers!

Getting The Volturi Vampire Look

And while searching for the right Twilight girl vampire costume, be sure to get a good understanding on how to apply the right make-up and accessories.  Visit our “updated girl vampire info” section on the right-hand side of this site.  There you will see a great post talking about the Volturi and various options for your Twilight girl vampire costume.

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